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Amplify confidence through language instruction: Angela's story

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New video introduces Angela, as a third-grade student and then five years later in middle school, as she shares how Imagine Learning helped her learn English and build confidence

Want to see a confident student in action? Watch Angela—in third grade, and then again five years later in eighth grade—as she tells how she gained confidence through success in school thanks to using Imagine Learning programs.

Third-grade Angela shared, "When I was in kindergarten, I didn’t speak English and it was very hard."

Her third-grade teacher, Heather Franks, described how Angela interacted in the classroom. "When her confidence builds, she’s a very outgoing person," she said. “In the short amount of time she’s been on Imagine Learning, I’ve seen change of growth in her confidence. She wants to participate and to show that she did this on her own.”

When we catch up with Angela five years later, she's an eighth-grader in middle school with a message for other students like her.

"Some advice I’d give to another English learner is that they shouldn’t be ashamed of learning things because everyone is learning different things all the time," states Angela. "I like to challenge myself in learning different things. When I grow up I want to be a doctor because I like to help other people."


Learn how Imagine Learning programs can help your students become more confident learners, just like Angela.