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20 Years of Imagine Language & Literacy, including a grade-school-age girl and cartoon characters from Imagine Language & Literacy.

20 Years of Imagine
Language & Literacy

We’re celebrating two decades of reading breakthroughs, equitable language development, and groundbreaking tech: twenty years together… and it’s only the beginning! Join us as we look back at the journey and forward to the future.

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More sights and sounds

Discover a new theme song for PreK–2, new Set The Stage scenes, and lovable new characters, all thoughtfully designed to engage a new generation of students.

Watch the webinar and get to know the Mazels!

Hear how our instructional design team took them from concept to design, see clips of them in action, and learn how they engage students in activities.

Get into the 20th-anniversary celebration with fun contests

20 Years of Imagine Language & Literacy seal.
Modern laptop placed on top of older monitor with images of Booster the robot on each.

20 Years of Impact

From transforming digital literacy to empowering countless students, discover our story of passion, innovation, and impact. Visit our blog to explore the stories and perspectives of the people who have shaped the program.